High Standards and Practices

Mannapov, LLC provides the industry’s highest standards and practices for destroying and protecting confidential data. Our high-security work environment and processes have been precisely designed to maintain the utmost protection of your confidential information.

All reusable mobile phones and devices purchased by Mannapov, LLC are put through a comprehensive, multi-step data removal process to make certain that all private information is permanently deleted. After wiping the data and restoring factory settings, our quality assurance team rechecks every device to verify that the data has been completely cleared.

We believe security is an essential part of the recycling process, not just an afterthought.
Mannapov, LLC is extremely serious about protecting your materials and our processes. Our state of the art facility is operational with the latest security equipment for protecting our customers information.

Our Security Program

Mannapov, LLC maintains a security program that controls access to all or parts of the facility in a manner and to a degree appropriate given the type of equipment we handle, sensitivity of the media containing data and the needs of our customers. Mannapov, LLC considers and includes necessary controls to secure electronic equipment upon acceptance of equipment.

Restricted Access Departments and Video surveillance along with alarm systems monitor both Mannapov, LLC compound and internal facilities. We understand the value of electronic materials and the required accountability.

For highly sensitive materials, we have built a burglar and fire resistance vault at our facility (Rated up to Class 350-4, TL-60). We understand our security responsibilities and the investment necessary to maintain your peace of mind. From the time your materials arrive, until the process is completed, every material movement is monitored and recorded.

11 Point Security

  1. 24/7 Security Guards
  2. Worker’s Personal Belongings Are Placed In Security Lockers
  3. Comprehensive Video Surveillance System (172 Cameras) With 24/7 Recording
  4. Staff Color Coded Uniforms For Different Departments Identify Security Level
  5. Walk Thru Metal Detectors And Hand-held (wand) Detector
  6. Access Badge Entry
  7. Monitored Mobile Security Robots
  8. Locked Security Carts Secure Contents While Maintaining Visual Contact
  9. Employment Background Checks Mandatory For All Workers
  10. Biometric Controlled Security Vault (rated Up To Class 350-4, Tl-60)
  11. Live Worker Location Tracking Throughout Facility