Mannapov, LLC is a leading expert in sourcing, refurbishing and selling mobile products internationally on the open market. Mannapov, LLC provides services specializing in asset recovery and distribution of mobile products to over 20,000 global customers. Mannapov, LLC serves manufacturers, carriers and retail partners through channel specific and global open markets for current, end of life (“EOL”), overstocked and returned mobile merchandise. The company provides a host of additional services including inventory management and logistics, distribution services, supply chain fulfillment, and recycling.

Asset Recovery Services

Maximize the value of unused or end-of-life assets with our asset recovery services. Whether you are a manufacturer, network operator, retailer, or dealer, we can help you liquidate your surplus inventory for the maximum potential return. Our expert liquidation team provides one-stop solutions that dispose of surplus, refurbished, and end-of-life assets in an appropriate and logistically sound method. Utilizing our strong worldwide partnerships, we find innovative and responsible ways to redistribute your products and maximize your recovery value. Our industry-leading asset recovery services address your needs, turn unwanted assets into revenue, and further your business goals – all without creating undesirable losses or increasing operational costs.

Reverse Logistics

Mannapov, LLC is capable and equipped to perform all types of data removal on consumer electronics products such as cellular phones, tablets, computers and memory cards. We perform these services in a secured and state of the art facility with limited-access area protected by CCTV cameras. Our commitment to operational excellence has inspired us to earn ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, 9001:2015 and R2v3 certifications.

Distribution Services

We influence our strong global relationships with trusted industry affiliates to bring you the products that you need to meet customer demand and grow your business. Through our supply chain and asset recovery services, we are able to offer you a full portfolio of new, refurbished, and end-of-life wireless phones, accessories, and tablets.

Supply Chain Fulfillment

Our supply chain is one of the most reliable in the industry today, and we have a decade-long history of delivering the right product to a variety of customers throughout the world. We provide our products and services quickly and through a seamless process, so you can get to market faster while minimizing your overall risk and maximizing your productivity and profitability.

Our supply chain and fulfillment services are designed to help you capitalize on opportunities and grow your business. We leverage our strong supply chain to source the phones, accessories, and tablets that your customers demand. And because we never sell anything that we do not have in stock in our company-owned warehouse, you can count on always getting the exact products you purchased. Orders are processed in real time. We don’t waste a minute getting you the products your customers demand, so you can keep your company ahead of the competition.


Recycling is a core part of our business. Our commitment to environmental integrity assures safe disposal and a zero landfill recovery solution. There is a myriad of unique situations for e-waste. We have developed many different and definitive recycling streams that we are able to use.

Our Recycling Services Help You Extract The Maximum Value From Irreparable Devices Through A Variety Of Industry-leading Methods.
  • Certificate Of Destruction
  • E-waste Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Circuit Board Reclamation
  • Universal Waste Recycling – Batteries
  • Paper Recycling

Please responsibly recycle electronics at the end of their life.

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Mannapov physically receives all products into our monitored company owned facilities. Each shipment is assigned its own project number & project manager receiving is handled by our security staff. Immediately transported into our locked gated holding area, monitored and accessed by management.


Devices get returned in various conditions and can have a wide range of values. We have developed a refined process to manage inbound returns, so devices are correctly and quickly qualified and slotted into the proper processing channel.

Parts recovery & customization

Through product disassembly, part reuse and remarketing mannapov llc extend the lifespan and optimize the value of your assets. We can create secondary market opportunities to reuse/remarket/ resell your recovered products and components, providing a channel for end-to-end repair and resale. We extend the value of products by harvesting and reusing key components from old and defective products. For components in greater demand, or those that offer higher profit margins, we have the capability to re-kit and reconfigure components.

We offer many custom services on the full device portfolio, which includes re-kitting and component assembly for the re-deployment of devices.
we offer:

  • Re-kitting – Assemble components and re-deploy devices
  • De-branding- Brand protection through complete destruction, removal of logo, serial numbers, markings
  • Sanitization – Physically cleaning of devices for resale and re-deployment


After inspection and data wiping, used phones are sold worldwide. About 95% are remarketed; the remaining 5% are considered beyond economic repair and recycled responsibly.

Data Sanitization

Mannapov, LLC sanitizes, purges, or destroys data on hard drives and other data storage devices unless otherwise requested in writing by the customer. Mannapov, LLC adheres to the data sanitization, purging, secure handling of End of Life data storage devices and destruction in accordance with the NISPOM standard or another current generally accepted standard.. Mannapov, LLC documents our data destruction process and employees involved in data destruction receive appropriate training on a regular basis and are evaluated for competency in data destruction processing. Our data destruction processes are reviewed and validated by an independent party on a periodic basis. Quality controls are documented, implemented and monitored internally to ensure effectiveness of data sanitization, purging and destruction techniques. Security controls that are appropriate to the most sensitive classification of media accepted at our facility is documented, implemented and maintained. Security controls consider physical security, monitoring, chain-of-custody, and personnel qualifications.

Adequate records of data destruction are maintained as well as each of our downstream vendors conducting data destruction.

Data destruction is performed by a downstream vendor, and Mannapov, LLC maintains responsibility for data destruction and ensures appropriate security controls and processing techniques continue to conform to Provision 8 through audits or other similarly effective means. Media devices containing media with data must be tracked and secured during transport, storage and processing