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  • 09.04.2020 – 2.8-34
    Diagonal boxes are now full width. A touch event that is inside a box overlap area will fill all overlapping boxes. Because the box border (white) is drawn the first time a touch within is detected, it is possible for the overlap to appear differently, either diagonal box “on top” or side box “on top”, if either of the overlapping boxes is touched first in a non-overlapping region.

  • 09.02.2020 – 2.7-31
    Rectangle size changed back to old value (7 across). Side and top/bottom rectangles now drawn in soldiering pattern half-height, like diagonals. Also doing this exposed a bug in earlier code where the bottom corners were defined twice which meant that sometimes it could be redrawn over the black line instead of under.

  • 08.26.2020 – 2.6.30
    Serial features are merged in. This has smaller (in both directions) green rectangles. All touch points within each touch move event are now processed instead of just most recent. Green rectangles are only drawn if there is an actual reported touch point within. Drawing of black line is more optimized, so it does not get slower and slower as path is made longer… each touch point is a new path so it doesn’t keep growing. Because green rectangles are smaller now, faint outlined rectangles appear on first touch, so there is some clue where to drag your finger.

  • 08.04.2020 – 2.4-25
    Double tap on white screen clears it. No outlines.

  • 08.03.2020 – 2.3-24
    Reverts to using the old fullscreen mode, which removes the status bar unless you pull it down from above.

  • 08.03.2020 – 2.2.3-23
    No outlines.

  • 08.03.2020 – 2.2.3-22
    Regressed code to fix bug.

  • 08.03.2020 – 2.2.3-19
    Reset the SDK level of the compiler. Also this does the volume button toggling.

  • 08.03.2020 – 2.2.2-18
    Installer Bug Fix

  • 07.31.2020 – 2.2.1-17
    Android 8 Compatibility

  • 07.31.2020 – 2.2-16
    Dimmed Status Bar allowing for notch fill

  • 07.31.2020 – 2.0-14
    Show the display serial number on rooted Samsung devices

  • 07.30.2020 – 1.8-12
    Draws the extreme right edge and bottom

  • 07.29.2020 – 1.6-10

  • 07.29.2020 – 1.5-9
    Black line now follows finger. Still paints rects “near” to line

  • 07.29.2020 – 1.4-8
    Has icons. Walks drag path looking for all nearby rects to paint. Uses “sticky” fullscreen mode so an accidental swipe down from top, showing status bar, does not alter screen layout. Accidental swipes down that touch menu, home, or back buttons still make it switch away from this app.

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.3.3-7
    New icons

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.3.2-6
    White dividers set up as a rectangular grid.

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.3.1-5
    Double swipe now requires width/4. Blockiness changed to 7 blocks on width to make details narrower.

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.3-4
    Interface Optimization

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.2-3
    Power button restarting the app.

  • 07.28.2020 – 1.1-2
    Double-swipe gesture handling, any direction, to switch between white with pattern and black.

  • 07.27.2020 – 1.0-1
    Initial Build

  • 09.18.2020 – 3.3-69
    When viewing the Hue filter, the pinkness rect is always shown, so if it has been editing down to a spot meter you will know where it is. Fixed bug that was showing then hiding the camera controls making the rectangle disappear, now it continues to show.

  • 09.18.2020 – 3.3-68
    Now shows version info at top of screen. Pinkness metric displayed has both peak and average values; these are both “modulo 360” angles so will be in the range +/- 180; the peak value shown is the pixel found with the maximum absolute deviation from the target value which I found for a bright white display. New edit pinkness rectangle mode, works when viewing either Normal or Hue filters. To enter editing mode, tap the pinkness metric number; to exit editing mode tap the pinkness metric number again. In the editing mode the rectangle will be green. Touch and drag edges or corners to change size. Touch and drag inside the rectangle to move it; if you move it “out of bounds” it will shrink accordingly. In edit mode a double tap anywhere will reset the rectangle to its default, or if it is already set that way then it will be reset to full image coverage.

  • 09.15.2020 – 3.2-66
    New “Hue” view. Uses new hue fragment shader for all pinkness calculations in hue view and normal view. Hue view operates like normal view, ie double tap to show pinkness rect and other settings. Pinkness metric shown is only average value over rect. Pinkness metric value is a little different than before: bright white display is around 0, L1 = 15, L2 = 26, L3=48, L4 = 82, L5 = 107, full blue = 16, full red = 132, full green = 270. The number is hue in degrees, offset around what we register on a bright white display, so values are mod 360.

  • 09.11.2020 – 3.1-61
    Exposure is now on Continous mode by default on the light side.

  • 09.11.2020 – 3.0-60
    Now uses chroma measurement which appears as pink-o-meter value. This code locks the camera’s white balance for consistency. The actual pinkometer number is an angle in degrees -180 through +180 which measures hue. There is another metric available but not shown, which is the magnitude of the chroma vector which corresponds to color saturation, with a large value being more saturated (the pure primaries above all give a magnitude of around 20, while the “level” colors give magnitudes less than 5.

  • 09.10.2020 – 2.9-57
    Shows max lux (of normal image) on all filters. Pinkometer calculation now has inversion and log scale so it is shown in range of 0.0 to 6.0, but scaling is purely mathematical, not on arbitrary level values.

  • 09.09.2020 – 2.8-55
    Lowered threshold (to 0) for pixel inclusion in pinkometer calculations. Narrowed pinkometer stripe. Made pinkometer calculations much more efficient by performing single pass over pixel data for each image, computing thresholds for next image and using thresholds computed over prior image to compute pinkness value.

  • 09.08.2020 – 2.8-54
    Preset selection is only available when settings are visible (ie after double tap). Preset defaults to dark. Preset values are limited to device capabilities in case this app is run on a device which is less capable than iphone 11 Pro Max to prevent app crash due to exceeding device capabilities.

  • 09.08.2020 – 2.8-52
    Added two configuration presets; light and dark, at bottom of display. Modified values are held across filters and configurations until application restart.

  • 09.04.2020 – 2.7-50
    Shows the bounding region for pinkometer calculations when the camera controls are visible on the normal filter. The pink value computed will always be in the range 0 to 5110.

  • 09.03.2020 – 2.6-49
    Added Pink-O-Meter value in pink. Only computed on Normal Image. Uses same algorithm as ICEdb Processing Pink-O-Meter and should therefore follow the same readings.

  • 09.02.2020 – 2.5-48
    False color filter removed. Sets initial exposure to manual 0.25 sec at 3072 ISO. Normal display no longer shows bounding rectangles.

  • 08.28.2020 – 2.4-47
    Exposure control problems should be resolved. New feature: on normal and “just luminance” filters, a swipe up will reveal a vertical slider that can be used to adjust the threshold for bounding box inclusion; the actual threshold value is shown underneath the max luminance value; a swipe down (or filter change) will hide the vertical slider.

  • 08.26.2020 – 2.3-45
    Disables left/right swipe that changes filters if the on-screen focus/exposure controls are visible.

  • 08.26.2020 – 2.3-44

  • 08.25.2020 – 2.2-43
    This version draws multiple bounding boxes, but there still seems to be a bug that sometimes they seem to intersect where they should have been combined in a union.

  • 08.25.2020 – 2.1-42
    Swipe left/right makes instant change of filters.

  • 08.24.2020 – 2.1-40
    Swipe left/right to change filter, but it takes a few seconds to make the change. It only finds max luminosity when on the normal “max luminosity” view; it’s supposed to disappear on all the others but it seems to linger sometimes.

  • 08.24.2020 – 2.0-37
    With color inversion.

  • 08.24.2020 – 2.0.36
    For ios 13. Starts faster. If you point the camera around an area, double tap and set focus to continuous or auto, it makes a difference to have a sharp image.

  • 08.24.2020 – 2.0.35
    Additiona of sobel edge detector.

  • 08.21.2020 – 1.15-32
    Lux value is now just integer. Replaced r-tree bounding box algorithm with plain old image search around max, works twice as fast or better, not even parallelized. Bounding box is drawn around pixel with max luminosity, regardless of actual value, box is expanded around this pixel as long as another pixel is found with luminosity > 75% of peak.

  • 08.20.2020 – 1.14-30
    Draws yellow bounding box around one region of max luminosity. For this implementation to be considered in the box search, the luminosity for a pixel must be over 200 so it won’t work for very dim conditions.

  • 08.20.2020 – 1.13-29
    New UI for focus and exposure control. You can now select one choice of focus mode, one choice of exposure mode. Depending on the mode, different adjustment sliders appear.

  • 08.19.2020 – 1.12-28
    Start with focus locked at 0.300 as closely as possible. Also has both single and double tap gestures. single tap to focus only works when focus is unlocked (autofocus is enabled).

  • 08.18.2020 – 1.11-27
    Double tap to turn focus control on/off. Shows focus position even in autofocus mode. Toggle switch enables/disables autofocus. Autofocus mode is always set to “continuous autofocus”, so it continues to attempt to lock in instead of doing autofocus once.

  • 08.17.2020 – 1.10-26
    VGA format, higher frame rate unless it gets hot. Black bars. But the field of view appears wider.

  • 08.17.2020 – 1.9-25
    Added black bars at ends. Search for max value is now parallelized on main CPU, takes 0.10 sec on this frame, compared to 0.39 sec, so it runs more smoothly (times are for 11 pro max). Bumped position of zoom and max value display so they no longer dip into image.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.8-22
    Full HD frame 1920×1080 for capture.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.8-21
    Specifies “resizeAspect” instead of “resizeFill”, so there are black bars.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.8-20
    Uses 1280×720 HD, which is 16:9 ratio, much closer to device, so it doesn’t zoom as much to fill display.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.7-17
    Using standard wide angle camera. Still does “resize fill” aspect ratio that means some of the image is cut off, alternate is “resize fit” that has substantial black bars, or “resize” that stretches with distortion. This does limit the frame rate based on device capabilities, but this only matters for X.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.6-15
    Tries ultrawide camera, if not available then it uses standard wide camera.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.6-14
    Uses the ultrawide camera

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.6-13
    Shows zoom factor at top left, if it’s not 1.0.

  • 08.14.2020 – 1.6-12
    Has the pinch/zoom gesture. Still stays on wide angle camera, so all zoom is digital.

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.5-11
    Starts with the slower frame rate (1/5 sec) then degrades at some rate down to 1/sec if system is too hot.

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.4.4-10
    Sets “don’t idle” flag in both old and new callback functions.

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.4.3-9
    Implemented ED no dim functionality

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.4.2-8
    Sets the video frame rate to between 1 and 2 frames per second.

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.4.1-7
    Does not allow the phone to go to sleep

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.4-6
    UI Clean Up

  • 08.13.2020 – 1.3-5
    At the top below the exposure/focus stuff is the new line for luminosity. It does not compute an absolute value, because the rgb values are based on exposure. Also, it now configures to take photo at VGA resolution, this reduction in quality makes calculation of luminosity much faster.

  • 08.11.2020 – 1.2.1
    Sets exposure bias to 0 for the white display normal case.

  • 08.11.2020 – 1.2
    Requires iOS 13.0+. Works on X and up. At the top you can see the current focus, exposure, and white balance modes. Taking either white display or black display photo changes those settings, but not yet correctly.

  • 08.06.2020 – 1.1
    11 Pro & Max build.

  • 08.05.2020 – 1.0-1
    Initial Build

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